25 Greatest Characters in Star Wars History

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15. Darth Revan

(Write-up by Joe Prescott, Dork Side of the Force Staff Writer)

Okay, so if you haven’t played the glory that is 2003’s “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” then you may not know who Darth Revan is, or the impact their story had on those who played it. If you’re not into spoilers then don’t read past the SPOILERS AHEAD warning on this post.

Developed by BioWare and LucasArts, KotOR is an award winning RPG set in the Old Republic and has players travelling the Universe, interacting with memmorable characters and developing their Force powers through duels with scoundrels, assassins and Sith Acolytes. During the game, Sith Lord Darth Malak is in constant pursuit of you and your party as he searches for his former Master Darth Revan. Eventually he finds his Master, and Revan’s place in the annals of Star Wars is forged. Revan went on to appear in several other video games including the KotOR sequel “Sith Lords” and the MMO-RPG “The Old Republic”, always getting players excited as they appeared and became integrated into the stories. A dark and constantly changing character with a sinister Sith appearance, Darth Revan helped reinvigorate interest in Star Wars after the Prequel Trilogy came to a slow and predictable finish, plus the character delivered a shocking revelation that still resonates with fans to this day…


See how I never referred to Revan as either Him or Her? That’s because you choose your gender at the beginning of KotOR. Yes, even 23 years after Vaders shocking revelation to Luke, Star Wars still has the ability to completely turn the tides and stun you with story development. As you encounter Darth Malak mid-way through KotOR, he reveals that you had been brainwashed by the Republic after he turned against you, and that your true identity is Darth Revan. Yes, YOU are Revan! This massive reveal still makes hairs stand on the neck, and gamers fondly reminisce this plotline as much as those who first saw Episode V all those years ago. Arguably the closest we have felt to being a part of the Star Wars Universe and surely not one that can be topped in terms of sheer magnitude and shock. So what makes Darth Revan such a good character? It’s because You are Revan, and we always shall be thanks to BioWare and KotOR.

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