25 Greatest Characters in Star Wars History

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12. C-3PO

(Write-up by David Harris (Razor), Dork Side of the Force Editor in Chief)

Few characters in the Star Wars universe embody the lighthearted nature of droids with human personality, than C-3PO. When watching the Original Trilogy as a kid, I was always happy to see the golden droid trained in human-cyborg relations, because I knew that no matter how scary or dark the situation, C-3PO and his little pal Artoo, would somehow bumble and stumble their way into making everything all better.

What’s even more amazing and fun about the character of See-Threepio, is the actor who so expertly portrays him (Anthony Daniels), is an actual living-breathing incarnation of Anakin Skywalker’s first droid. If you’ve ever had the great pleasure of meeting him at a convention, he is always willing to go out of his way to sign autographs, talk to fans, and take pictures with anyone who asks.

And that’s what C-3PO is all about…helping others. No matter how much he complained about it, the droid who was programmed for etiquette, but not destruction was always there when his droid pal or organic life-form masters/friends needed him. Threepio was there for me as a kid, and now that I’m an adult, he’s there for my nieces and nephews…and that’s the beauty of it all; he’s a droid, technically he will live forever!

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