Could We Be Getting a Han Solo Video Game?


We’re all quivering with anticipation for the upcoming Star Wars video game due this fall, but rumors are already about swirling about the next game to be set in the universe – which may feature everyone’s favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder.

While DICE has been busy developing Star Wars: Battlefront for a Nov. 17 release date, a studio by the name of Visceral, which is owned by Electronic Arts, is also working on their own Star Wars video game, although details have been scarce.

But a series of social media posts by Visceral developers is sparking speculation that their entry into a galaxy far, far away will center on Han Solo – and it may even throw in some pirates, according to Game Informer magazine.

For example, here’s a post by Todd Stashwick, an actor who confirmed he’s co-writing Visceral’s Star Wars game by sharing this photo:

Nothing suspicious there. After all, that Han quote is certainly appropriate for the news he’s sharing.

But then there’s this:

Alright, dude’s clearly a fan of the Corellian smuggler. But that’s not enough to say there’s a trend in his photos…

Hmmm. OK then.

That last photo was posted on May the 4th. Two things of note: That other person in the photo is Amy Hennig, Stashwick’s co-writer on the project and an alum of games like Uncharted.

Also, check out that flag of the stormtrooper and crossbones in the top left.

That’s not the first time the flag has shown up in Visceral’s offices:

And also here:

That last post is from Scott Warner, who’s directing the project. He also tweeted out another image from Visceral’s offices. Guess who it featured?

Let’s throw in one final image from Nolan North, a voice actor, to make the conspiracy theory official:

There’s certainly a running theme to these images, but what do they really mean, if anything? This is all pure speculation, but it’s interesting to note that Hennig’s previous work on the adventure-filled Uncharted games could provide a nice parallel for a Star Wars game featuring another globe-trotting rogue.

More from Han Solo

Actress Emily Rose, who also did voice work in Uncharted, is also reportedly a member of the cast.

Anyways, this could all turn out to mean nothing, but the possibilities are exciting. If you didn’t know, Visceral made the science fiction/horror survival series Dead Space, so their world-building talents are definitely proven.

Han is one character whose backstory prior to A New Hope is not being explored yet in the new canon, so I would imagine a potential game would be set between Episode III and IV, or perhaps even earlier. The campaign could focus on his smuggling adventures and perhaps lead in to how he met Chewie and Lando.

But if George Lucas has any say in the game, the player likely won’t be allowed to shoot first when he sees an enemy.

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