New details regarding Greg Grunberg’s role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens


StarWars7news has a pretty cool piece on the role of Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Criminal Minds, Masters of Sex, Alias), who usually makes appearances in J.J. Abrams projects, on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The actor and Abrams are life-long friends, which led to his role in Episode VII. However, until now, he was thought to be portraying a minor character, making his usual cameo.

Now, thanks to SW7N and Nerdist’s Chewin’ It podcast, we have a few more details about how involved Grunberg actually is, in the film. The actor revealed some details about the length oh his stay on the new Star Wars trilogy, and some small details regarding his character:

  • He has signed for three movies.
  • He shot for 7 weeks in London at Pinewood.
  • He is not a CG character.
  • He has facial hair.
  • He has no prosthetics.
  • He never read the whole script. It was on red paper.
  • There will be an action figure with his character.
  • The actors had to wear cloaks while walking towards the set.

So, it looks like Grunberg might be plaing an X-Wing pilot, or perhaps a Rebel leader of some sort. The fact that he has been signed for 3 movies, means that his character will have an impact on the story, and not just in some minor role. Also, they are making an action figure of him, totally means he will be memorable.

I personally like Grunberg, I think he is funny and extremely relatable, which kind of makes sense that he would be a possible X-Wing pilot and close friend to Poe Dameron. Of course, I could be completely wrong and the actor could be a Sith Lord who kills everyone he comes in contact with…you never know.

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