Photos: Secret Cinema Opens Hidden Star Wars Bar in London

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If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to walk into one of the bars from Star Wars, you now have that opportunity. Only problem is, the place is tougher to find than the Rebels’ secret base.

A group called Secret Cinema, which creates elaborate, immersive experiences tailored to the universe and mythology of classic films, has opened up a Star Wars bar modeled after the cantina from A New Hope somewhere in London.

I say “somewhere” because the actual location is a secret. You have to have tickets to the company’s performance of The Empire Strikes Back, which cost about $120 and runs June 4 through Sept. 27. Those who purchased tickets were given a special telephone line to call to receive the secret location.

If that doesn’t sound like fun, wait till you get a glimpse of the bar itself. Customers’ phones are collected and stored before anyone can enter the event, but Secret Cinema did allow a few journalists to take some photos of the inside. Reportedly, there are numerous actors in costume walking around the bar and talking to you in character, and you can buy some Star Wars-themed drinks, listen to an alien band play and even gamble in some Sabacc.

Secret Cinema is one of the coolest experiences I’ve read about in a while. They’ve transformed entire areas of the city into replica scenes from movies like Back to the Future and Blade Runner, and they’re already pulling out all the stops for Empire. Check out some more photos of the secret bar after the jump, and if you go, remember to be ready to shoot first.

(Photos courtesy of Olivia Weetch and Time Out)

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