Han Solo May Be Playable Character in Star Wars Battlefront


After decades of absence, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will finally reunite us with the most beloved and memorable characters of the original trilogy. But several of them will actually be making their return to the universe a bit earlier in EA Studios’ upcoming video game Star Wars Battlefront – and that may include a certain charming nerf herder.

The EA Battlefront Twitter account recently tweeted out an image of a blaster with the words “Keep it on the DL…44.”

If you don’t know, the DL-44 is the weapon of choice for one Han Solo, who’s used it to end boring conversations, say hello to Sith Lords, and even shoot first. It’s already been confirmed that the Millennium Falcon will be a playable vehicle in the game, along with several Rebel Alliance and Imperial vessels such as the X-Wing and the AT-ST.

Han was previously a playable character in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

We probably won’t know much more about the game until June, when the E3 video game convention begins. EA and the game’s developers, DICE, have promised to reveal more about Battlefront, including some gameplay footage, ahead of the game’s release on Nov. 17.

Creatives involved in the game have said they’re approaching this new installment as more of a reboot rather than a sequel to previous Battlefront games.

The only confirmed playable characters so far are Darth Vader and Boba Fett, but there will likely be more unveiled as we get closer to the launch date.

The next question on every fan’s mind is whether we’ll be able to pilot these characters’ ships in the game. DICE developers have confirmed that there will be a Fighter Squadron mode in place of deep-space battles, meaning that you can pilot ships above the game’s environments and engage in dogfights.

Will we be able to take on Slave I in the Millennium Falcon, or pursue Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter? Only time will tell. Be on the lookout for more news coming from E3 starting on June 15.

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