Star Wars: The Force Awakens Dubbed by Kids


George Lucas has always maintained that Star Wars is primarily made for children. Even putting aside the dismembered limbs and slaughtering of younglings, that seems to be a bit of a stretch, especially with the new trailer for The Force Awakens evoking a tone full of dread.

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But that statement becomes a bit easier to believe if you let the children themselves have their way with the franchise, as Mashable did by letting a group of kids dub over the latest trailer for the seventh installment.

In a video that’s sure to make you crack a smile, the kids not only do their best imitation of Mark Hamill for the trailer’s voiceover, but they also recreate the sound effects, from the swoosh of an X-Wing to the beeps and chirps of R2-D2. Sadly, they did not make an attempt at John Williams’ rousing music, but it only makes the video funnier.

Take a look.

The video features the voice talents of Arwen, Leia and Neo. Yes, one of the girls is actually named Leia. And the rest of those names are suspiciously geeky as well.

Apparently, these three are superstars on the social media app Vine, too. Here is Arwen’s profile, which seems to feature a lot of animation and drawing videos.

The kids are all under the age of 10, but I can see plenty of adults who are much older doing the exact same thing they did here when they watched the trailer for the 50,000th time. Watch out, Ben Burtt.

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