Star Wars: Rogue One Screenwriter Seeks Science Advice from Neil deGrasse Tyson


It seems like it makes perfect sense…you’re writing the first spinoff in the Star Wars Anthology, Rogue One, and you come across a science problem that you just can’t work around. So what do you do? Why, tweet Neil deGrasse Tyson for help, that’s what.  Rogue One screenwriter Chris Weitz did just that, recently.

Tyson hasn’t publicly responded, as of yet, which is strange because if there was ever anyone who enjoys the sound of his own voice or rather the look of his own tweeted opinion, more that Neil deGrasse Tyson, then I haven’t see them…unless of course you count Bill Nye the Science Guy, but he’s actually a fun guy to listen to. To me, Tyson comes across as overly arrogant and borderline belligerent in his views. Plus, there’s his whole stance on the fact that he prefers Star Trek to Star Wars, because the science in Trek makes more sense…yeah Neil, that’s always a great reason to choose which fictional space opera you like more…SCIENCE! So yeah, I automatically refuse to like him based on that principle, alone.

Still though, I feel like Weitz is missing out on the perfect opportunity here. Personally I would have tweeted Bill Nye this:

Jedi Master Nye would probably be cool enough to at least respond, not leaving Weitz hanging because of whatever reason Star Ship Commander Tyson deigns necessary. Hopefully Weitz gets the help he needs, and continues writing, Rogue One is set to hit theaters on December 16, 2016.

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