Meet Sana Solo: Han Solo’s Wife – Star Wars #6


No, you did not misread that. Han Solo has a wife, and apparently she is now part of Star Wars canon. In the newest Star Wars Comic, Star Wars #6, Sana introduces herself to Leia, and she does it in grand fashion. Thanks to, we’ve got some images and information on the newest arrival to the now official Star Wars universe.

Yeah, the look on Leia’s face, in this next still, pretty much expresses exactly how I felt, the first time I saw this.

Not much is known about Sana Solo, but from the reaction from Han’s facepalm, she is probably nothing but trouble for our favorite Star Wars couple…and I can’t wait to see what she gets into. This also brings up so many questions. Like for instance, does this mean that Han was married during the “I love you,” “I know,” scene? And if he was, how would he even go about the process of getting a divorce? I mean, he is working with the Rebel Alliance, after all…he can’t exactly walk down to the local planet’s official Galactic Empire City Hall and request a divorce, now can he?

According to CB, Sana Solo appears on the cover of August’s Star Wars #9, with a mere mention of a “mysterious woman from Han’s past!Star Wars #8 takes the same cryptic path with, “Han and Leia are confronted by an unexpected foe!

So for now, it would appear that Sana Solo is going to be a rather shocking and huge introduction into the new Star Wars canon, and it is making us wonder just how her arrival will affect the outcomes of the new Star Wars films. We’ve heard the rumor that Rey (Daisy Ridley), is Han and Leia’s daughter, but seeing as how Sana Solo is a woman of color, could Finn (John Boyega), be Han’s son? Oh how the speculation will fly!

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