Rumor: Star Wars Spinoff Film to Feature Han Solo, Boba Fett


In an alternate universe in which Josh Trank wasn’t let go from the second Star Wars Anthology spinoff film, we probably would have already learned exactly what that movie is about, since Trank was scheduled to appear at Celebration in April.

But with his departure, there have been numerous rumors about the second spinoff film, due out in 2018. The Wrap sent the Internet into a frenzy when it reported that Boba Fett would be the star of the movie.

Now, another website claims have learned more about the plot of the movie as well as who wants to be involved, in addition to the basic details of a third spinoff movie.

Schmoes Know is citing an unnamed source who claims that the second spinoff movie will feature both Boba Fett and Han Solo, depicting their rivalry in between the events of Episode III and Episode IV. The site says that Disney is interested in using the film to explore the seedier side of the Star Wars universe as well as build on the series’ western/bounty hunter tropes.

Furthermore, it’s rumored that characters like Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian and the reptilian bounty hunter Bossk may make appearances.

And with Trank receiving the axe, Schmoes Know says both Jon Favreau and Matthew Vaughn are circling the project to direct.

If that wasn’t enough juicy rumors for you, the site drops one more bomb: The third spinoff film, probably due in 2020, could focus on an origin story about Yoda, which Disney hopes is more of a “mythological and spiritual” film.

Let’s tackle the second spinoff film first. It would make a lot of sense to explore that era in Fett’s history as he’s establishing his name as the most fearsome bounty hunter. And pairing him up with Han Solo would make for a fantastic dynamic as we see the two clash in their earlier years.

The most difficult part of the film would probably be casting younger versions of both characters, as there will inevitably be some backlash from fans no matter who gets the part.

I also like both of these director choices, although I would prefer Vaughn over Favreau. While Favreau did a fantastic job kicking off Marvel’s superhero universe with the Iron Man movies, I wasn’t a big fan of Cowboys & Aliens.

Vaughn has done an equally superb job with the X-Men movies, and I was particularly happy with how he nailed the ’60s Bond-era aesthetics in X-Men: First Class. I think he’d be able to adapt to the proposed Western/gangsterish tone of the movie right away, and he’s got an exciting, kinetic directing style that I’d love to see take hold of a Star Wars movie.

This Yoda news, though, is tougher to digest. A big question is when it would be set. Since Yoda is hundreds of years old, would this be our first look at a more ancient Star Wars universe?

I could definitely see someone like Andy Serkis portraying the little green Jedi through motion-capture technology, although that’d be kinda weird since Serkis is also portraying a rumored villain in The Force Awakens.

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But what exactly does a “mythological/spiritual” tone mean? I’m thinking the movie might hark back to mythological epics like Jason and the Argonauts. Hell, it could get plenty of inspiration from the Black Angel feature that was just announced, which has plenty of fairy tale and mystical elements.

Obviously, take all of these rumors with a huge grain of salt. But I wouldn’t be disappointed if any of these turn out to be true. They’re all solid ideas that would take the franchise in interesting, unexplored directions.

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