Star Wars: Uprising – 5 New Characters Introduced to Star Wars Canon


With today’s announcement that Kabam was teaming up with Disney/Lucasfilm to release an all new Star Wars MMORPG game for mobile devices – Star Wars: Uprising – five new characters were introduced into the official Star Wars canon. The game takes place right after the fall of Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi and will lead up to the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

First up is Imperial Governor Adelhard:

When news that Emperor Palpatine was killed,  Governor Adelhard shut down all travel and communications coming in and going out of the Anoat system. Those who oppose him or speak anti-Imperial rumors are killed. Adelhard’s enforcer and right-hand man is Commander Bragh.

Commander Bragh:

The leader of the much-feared Purge Troopers. Bragh believes that those who rebel against the Empire are less than human and he uses his position to indulge his love of causing pain.


We don’t know much about Brask, except that he is of the warrior race Trandoshan. His clothing looks like he might be a pilot/smuggler or even a bounty hunter.


Orphaned on Burnin Konn’s mining colony, Riley and her younger sibling became a promising pair of thieves until Riley was thrown from a building. A cybernetic leg brace briefly put her back in action but she mainly uses her wits and planning skills now.


Whispered of but rarely seen in public, Deathstick rose up from a street level criminal to become the most legendary assassin in the sector. Twitchy and prone to sadistic flights of fancy, few people seek out an audience with her.

Since we know for sure that these new characters that are being introduced through books and games and shows like Rebels are now official Star Wars canon, I wonder what roles they will have in the future of Star Wars cinema. One thing is for sure, all of this information coming out regarding Journey to the Force Awakens, is very exciting.

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