It’s No Trap: ‘Ackbar’s 11’ Is The Perfect Star Wars Heist Movie


Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One has been heavily hyped as a gritty, violent war film that will recast the Star Wars universe as a brutal, unforgiving setting a la Saving Private Ryan. But people also forget that the movie is also likely to steal from the heist movie subgenre, as its plot concerns the theft of the plans for the Death Star.

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Unfortunately, there’s no way the film will meet expectations now, as we’ve just been presented with the perfect premise for a Star Wars heist film: Ackbar’s Eleven.

Courtesy of Kevin Rubio (who’s done mash-ups before) and Synaptic Studios, a key scene from Return of the Jedi has been redubbed with dialogue from Ocean’s Eleven and skillfully re-edited, creating an amusing yet bizarre scene painting over beloved Star Wars characters as if they’re part of a crew of thieves. Check it out:

It’s kinda weird how the audio matches up pretty well with Ackbar’s mouth. Also, notice the clever cuts in the video, such as the quick shot of Leia smirking after Ackbar asks if everyone is sober. (Carrie Fisher unveiled her partying persona at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year.)

Although I have high hopes for Rogue One, I am worried that the seriousness of the war genre may overshadow the heist elements, which usually work best in a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously (like Ocean’s Eleven).

Plus, imagine the thrill of watching our favorite characters pulling off some kind of theft instead of brand new ones. The possibilities are endless.

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