Ben Mendelsohn still not confirmed for Star Wars Rogue One


It’s been widely reported, that Bloodline actor, Ben Mendelsohn has been tapped to portray the villain in the first Star Wars Anthology, Rogue One. However, according to the actor himself, he still hasn’t received that call, although he is ready, willing, and waiting. Mendelsohn said this, when asked by Deadline:

"“Well… I know that it’s something that’s being talked about. That’s what I definitely know. I’m waiting for them to call me and say, “Hey, here’s the start date,” but you know, none of that’s yet taken place, but you know I’d be very happy to do it, let’s put it that way.”"

I assume the ball is in Gareth Edward’s court. Although, a whole slew of new casting news and rumors surfaced last week, including the announcement that Forest Whitaker was in negotiations to join the cast. So, why hasn’t Mendelsohn been tapped? Perhaps, if they are indeed talking about his involvement in the film, then maybe it has to do with something as simple as schedule clearing and contract negotiation.

If you’ve had the great pleasure of watching Bloodline on Netflix, then you know beyond a reason of a doubt that not only can Mendelsohn act, he can also expertly portray the villain. The actor brought a menacing, yet deceivingly passive character to a show that had its share of heavyweight actors. Mendelsohn stole the spotlight from not only Kyle Chandler, but Sissy Spacek as well.

There is no doubt in my mind that Ben Mendelsohn could run with the lead role, especially as a villain, in Star Wars Rogue One, and I sincerely hope Gareth Edwards can land this actor, before he is picked up by someone else.

Star Wars Rogue One is set to hit theaters on December 16, 2016.

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