Artist Imagines Star Wars Shipwrecks on Earth

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Star Wars takes place in such a rich, exciting universe that you would think any attempt to transport the culture and aesthetic of a galaxy far, far away to our planet would instantly make it boring.

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But on the contrary, transposing the franchise’s elements to the setting of Earth has actually led to some clever and hilarious mashups, and in the latest example, some pretty gorgeous art.

Paris-based artist Nicolas Amiard has crafted some jaw-dropping images depicting Star Wars ships that crashed on some of Earth’s most famous cities. The artwork covers locations around the world, including San Francisco, Venice and Rio de Janeiro, juxtaposing the Star Wars spacecrafts with some of those cities’ famous landmarks.

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What’s great about these images is how much they recall the photorealism of the opening shot of the second trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, shown above. It’s a clever way to capitalize on the emerging style of the upcoming film.

Take a look through the gallery here to check out all of the pictures while you figure out which one will be your new desktop background.

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