The Jedi Council: Favorite Moments from Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Premiere


The Star Wars Rebels Season 2 premiere has come and gone, and the Dork Side Jedi Council takes a look back at our favorite moments. Was it Kanan and Ezra fighting Darth Vader? Perhaps the crew of the Ghost joining the Rebel Alliance fleet. Or, was it the return of the padawan all grown and a Jedi Master in her own right, Ahsoka Tano? Let the discussion begin!

David (Razor) Harris: My obsession with Star Wars is firmly centered in the mysteries of the Force. Don’t get me wrong, I love all aspects of the Star Wars mythos, but the Sith and the Jedi are where my loyalties lie. This is why my favorite part of the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 premiere, was when Ahsoka and Kanan combined their connections to the Force, to sense who the Empire’s ace pilot was, destroying their fledgling fleet.

It was the entire scene that had me enthralled. Kanan and Ahsoka using the Force, Ezra proving his powerful Force connection by sensing the cold, the hate, the rage that is Darth Vader. The culmination of that scene, with Ahsoka’s reaction to the thought that she probably knew the man behind the darkness, was emotionally poignant. We’ve watched Ahsoka and Anakin’s adventures on The Clone Wars. We observed their bond grow stronger with each episode…right up until the moment Ahsoka left the Jedi Order.

I don’t know how long Vader will be in this season of Rebels, but while he’s here, I sincerely hope that we get to see Snips face her Skyguy.

Elaine Tveit: One of my (many) favorite moments in “Siege of Lothal” was the end. That sounds bad, but it really isn’t, because the end was epic and insightful. By the end of the episode, Darth Vader has sensed that his onetime apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, is still alive, and contacted the Emperor to report his discovery. The Emperor (voiced to perfection by Sam Witwer, who voiced Darth Maul in The Clone Wars) immediately sees it as an opportunity to find other Jedi.

“Such as Kenobi?” Vader replies.

This scene managed to convey a potential for future Star Wars Rebels episodes, and/or even stories outside of the television show, on an epic scale. The fact that the Emperor is still concerned about finding surviving Jedi may indicate that a few Jedi (such as Ahsoka) are openly causing trouble across the galaxy. Or he might be wary because he still doesn’t know the fates of powerful Jedi like Yoda and Obi Wan.

What this means for Ahsoka is that she is now a primary target of the Empire. Though I don’t think Star Wars Rebels is going to put the focus on her too much and take time away from the show’s original cast, it may highlight an epic battle between her and Vader. It will likely draw Kanan and Ezra into the conflict, as well, perhaps even leading to a life-altering (or life-ending) experience for one or more of the Rebels characters.

There’s so much potential for great stories here, and it’s all communicated through a single scene. That’s the power of the creativity and the vision that is going on behind the scenes of this show. I can’t wait to see what wonderful things this new season of Star Wars Rebels has in store for us!

Kyle Warnke: The best moment of “The Siege of Lothal” may turn out to be the worst moment of the entire season.

The episode as a whole was fantastic, but it entered the next level when Darth Vader finally appeared to fulfill his complicated plan and wipe out the surprised rebels. The Sith Lord’s battle with Ezra and Kanan is intense and entertaining, culminating with an effective display of Vader’s power when he lifts up the burning wreckage of Imperial ships that falls on him.

That moment served as an excellent re-acquaintance with the Vader of old, the one who was seemingly unstoppable and relentless, the one who you didn’t so much fight, as you did survive. Kanan and Ezra can do nothing but marvel at the incredible force of evil confronting them.

But is this a good move for the show? Vader will definitely figure into at least a few more episodes, as I’m sure the writers will explore his relationship with Ahsoka, but we also know that the Emperor is dispatching more inquisitors. How can these guys measure up to one of the most iconic villains in history? I’m worried that bringing Vader out early may soften the menace of the newer villains, stealing their spotlight before they even get on stage. Only time will tell, but let’s hope the show didn’t just shoot itself in the foot.

Joe Prescott: What an opener.  Disney are making full use of their licence for this series by packing it with action and super storytelling and the likable crew of the Ghost appeal to fans with their Rebel sympathies and bravery in the face of the newly formed Galactic Empire.  It’s easy to point out the best bits of the show as they’d probably be unanimously agreed on, Vader fighting Kanan and Ezra and Ahsoka realizing who Vader may be along with Vader recognizing her presence to name a few key moments.

But for me the best part is the production value on the show.  The inclusion of OT (original trilogy) characters such as Lando and of course Darth Vader make for an experience that feels like the series is great for tying together the space between Episode III and IV, and by employing Billy Dee Williams and none other than James Earl Jones to voice their respective characters is just superb.

To hear Vader talk with his distinctive voice in a long time really sealed the deal for me; this is a show that recognises it’s aimed at a younger audience, but it can still remain relevant and respectful of the movie saga.  But there’s definitely an appeal for older viewers as well, the galaxy is a rough place and they don’t leave out the oppression and aggressive negotiations employed by the Empire, and the relationships of the Ghost crew are growing into a decent story that can be fleshed out with their upcoming adventures.

The stand out element of this Season 2 premier for me was unquestionably the music.  Using cues from John Williams original scores at key points in the show created a full on Star Wars experience for me, and it was cues from Episode’s IV and V (no “Jedi” music I noticed) so mixing it around like this created an evocative blend of action and drama scenes; a Star Wars mixtape proving to be the perfect accompaniment to the series.  Plus having Lando and Vader involved it seemed like this is a show that has a lot to give to new and old fans alike.

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