Star Wars: The Force Awakens – What we know so far

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The trailer hit the internet like a ton of space bricks, and people rightfully freaked out. Sadly, there was some backlash to John Boyega’s Finn being the first black stormtrooper to be shown in a Star Wars film. Of course this was just racist nonsense, and J.J. and Disney/Lucasfilm handled the criticism perfectly by explaining that these were not the clone troopers from the prequels, and that after the Clone Wars, the Empire opened up recruiting to all races and species.

The trailer did have some very exciting points. We were introduced to the little rolling droid that at the time, was given the name “soccer ball droid.” We also had more controversy with the cross-guard lightsaber of the unknown Sith-like character. But perhaps the best part of the entire teaser, was the appearance of the Millennium Falcon diving and fighting across a desert planet that we all thought was Tatooine.

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