5 New Canon Characters from the Star Wars Comics

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Janus Kasmir

Kanan: The Last Padawan is probably the best of the four Star Wars comics so far. Even though the series focuses on the origins of Kanan Jarrus, otherwise known as Caleb Dume, who hails from the bouncy atmosphere of Star Wars Rebels, the comic has taken on a more mature, darker tone as it examines Kanan’s life immediately after Order 66.

As a result, we’ve gotten a look at some sleazy new characters, including the alien Janus Kasmir. Kasmir is a native of the planet Kaller, a rocky world inhabited by reptilian aliens known as Kallerians.

Kanan was initially at odds with Kasmir because the alien protested the presence of Republic forces on the planet, even though they were driving back Separatist troops.

But he soon turned into a crucial resource as Kanan went on the run from clone troopers hunting him down. The alien let him sleep in his ship and recruited him for a heist. However, when the pair are caught red-handed at the end of the latest issue, Kasmir reveals Kanan’s identity as a Jedi and offers to trade him for his freedom.

Kasmir is a welcome addition to the universe, as his untrustworthy nature makes him all the more interesting. And that’s a familiar armguard he’s sporting…

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