Star Wars: Stormtrooper Helmet Speaker Coming in October


Star Wars merchandise is about to flood every facet of the internet, and will begin the takeover of every major retailer, starting on September 4 (Force Friday). There will be all new lines of figures for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as books and comics that will serve to bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi, to The Force Awakens. The whole series is being called Journey to the Force Awakens, and is sure to make those last month to the new Star Wars film’s premiere, that much more bearable.

UK website The Fowndry is getting in on the action as well, by offering an extremely cool and unique speaker system, in the form of a stormtrooper helmet.

"All work and no play makes TK421 a dull boy. And after a hard day’s graft suppressing the Rebellion, what better way to decompress and get your galactic groove on than with this wireless speaker, modelled on the helmet of the least blaster-proof shock troops in the galaxy.We know what you’re thinking… isn’t it a bit small for a ‘loud’ speaker? Not a bit of it. Packing a punch that belies its Skywalker-sized proportions, this iconic sonic cannon has more than enough aural firepower to disturb The Force.Add in Bluetooth connectivity, the built-in rechargeable lithium battery and rubberised feet to stop it slipping off the console of your Star Destroyer and you have the perfect pint-sized portable PA package."

The Specs are as follows:

  • Officially licensed Star Wars speaker
  • Rechargeable 400 mAh lithium battery
  • High quality 5W speaker
  • 3.5mm audio-in-socket
  • On/off and bluetooth control buttons
  • Rubberised feet
  • Indicator LED
  • USB charger cable include
  • Boxed Weight: 500g (1 lb 1.64 oz.)
  • Measures: 10.5cm x 11.8cm x 12.7cm (4.13″ x 4.66″ x 5.0″)

The trooper helmet speaker will be available in October, but you can pre-order now for $62.90, which makes this the perfect gift for that Star Wars fan in your life…and by “that Star Wars fan,” I mean you. Here’s a video of the helmet speaker in action.

The Fowndry also has a myriad of other Star Wars inspired merchandise, which is actually quite neat. Among others, the most interesting items include:

So I know where I will be spending my money in the coming months. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg folks, as September 4, later this year, will kick everything off. So strap in, it’s going to be a crazy and fun ride to December 18.

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