Star Wars Planets: Jakku from The Force Awakens


When we last saw Star Wars Episode VI, the Republic was celebrating the defeat of the Empire. Darth Vader and Darth Sidious both perished, and the Battle of Endor came to a conclusion as the New Republic were victorious.

Now, director JJ Abrams brings us Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens. A brand new Star Wars film using subplots from the original to help carry the story forward. The audience is going to see new and exciting characters and worlds. One new planet that I am excited to know about is Jakku. We learned of Jakku at the Star Wars Celebration in April — that what was believed to be Tatooine is actually called Jakku. Abrams announced that they filmed the planet on location in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where it can get to over 120 degrees during the summer and the average heat is 95 degrees for the year. Making it the perfect place to film a deserted location and have massive movie sets.

Jakku is a world filled with rustic type buildings and little cover from the hot sun. There is machinery scattered everywhere and it’s filled with flying spacecraft that has landed from being blown from the sky. So what caused this wreckage anyway?

It has been said that there was a war called the Battle of Jakku which took place one year after the Battle of Endor. The ship carnage definitely represents a major battle, as you can see several type ships that have crash landed. You probably have noticed a Star Destroyer, X-Wing, Super Star Destroyer, and possibly an AT-AT. From some of the conceptual art, it appears as though there are some hollowed buildings and fence enclosures.

We do know that when we first get to see Finn on the planet of Jakku in the very first trailer, the story of The Force Awakens starts 30-years after the Battle of Endor, and when the trailer then moves to Rey on her speeder, we get to see just a little more of what is happening with this planet. Then a mechanical droid named BB-8 appears making those cute *beeps and bleeps* noises and rolling through the wastelands in a fashioned hurry. In the background as BB-8 crosses the dunes, you can see the heavy machinery that was planted or crashed there — Engines from spacecraft scattered around and propped up as though they have been worked on. I am also guessing that there is another destruction that we just have not seen yet.

When the first trailer opens we see Finn pop-up. Finn is dressed from neckline down in Stormtrooper garb and is in a state of panic. He is visibly sweating and looks around as though he was awakened from a bad nightmare. Actor John Boyega who plays Finn, stated that his character is in incredible danger, and the way he reacts to the danger changes his life, and launches him into the Star Wars Universe in a unique way. Why he is on Jakku we don’t know, but he is part or was part of the Galactic Empire. So, it is possible that when the battle of Jakku ended, the empire has control, and Finn has been separated from his squadron for some unknown reason or holds a dangerous secret (my own speculation of course).

Jakku is where we also meet the character, Rey. According to actress Daisy Ridley, Rey is a scavenger, completely self- sufficient, does everything for herself, and very solitary, until she meets Finn. Rey is either from Jakku or scavenging for junk. Notice that she has eyeglasses made from a Stormtrooper headpiece and her clothes have a definite appeal from someone that has been there awhile. Also, if Rey is junk scavenger, and on the planet Jakku, there must be enormous amounts of space craft and other objects to make it worth her discovery.

In the last part of the trailer, we see the Millennium Falcon swooping in, and doing things we have never viewed before. It is clear whoever is flying the Falcon has great control and knows their way around a battle — a battle played out with Tie Fighters. Questions rushed through my mind…for instance, why is the Falcon flying through Jakku, and in a dogfight with the Tie Fighters? Is the Falcon there to help Rey and Finn? Did it get lead there for some reason, and is now trying to battle its way out?

In the following parts of the trailer, we are introduced to more of Jakku. Finn is not dressed in any Stormtrooper garb and is actually in citizen type clothing. He is wearing a jacket and either finds this clothing on Jakku or is given them by Rey. Which means if Rey is wearing goggles from a Stormtrooper mask, and Finn can find clothes, there also must be dead bodies scattered around as well.

When we are brought the second trailer, the Millennium Falcon races and engages with a couple of Tie Fighters, as they fly through the air in and around old ships that have met their fate, such as the hull of the Star Destroyer, a T-658 X-wing, and a Super Star Destroyer.

What we don’t know about the planet at this time.

  • Animal life
  • Secrets it may hold for reasons to be controlled by the empire or republic
  • Is there any kind of plant life
  • Any other life forms on the planet that are not human
  • What are others doing on this desolate planet

What questions do you have about the new planet in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens — Jakku? Do you have differing ideas about the planet than I do? Awesome! Let’s talk about it, in the comments below.

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