Comic-Con 2015: Which Star Wars Actors May Appear?

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The General (Domhnall Gleeson)

What We Know: Of all the new characters being introduced in The Force Awakens, Domhnall Gleeson’s role as “The General” may be the one most shrouded in secrecy. Not only are we unclear about what his importance in the plot of the film, but we also haven’t been given any hints as to what he will look like in the film, with the exception of the above image.

What’s Rumored: Going off of several reports, Gleeson’s character is a high-ranking officer within the First Order, and he’s rumored to be in direct command of Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie (more on her later), whom he sends to hunt down Finn. The leaked screenshot appears to hint that they at least have some sort of relationship in the film.

Other rumors say his character defected to the Empire after learning that the Rebel Alliance constructed a superweapon, and he’s now playing both sides to rid the galaxy of both sides’ dangerous arms.

But Making Star Wars dropped a bomb a few months ago that suddenly elevated the importance of The General. According to the site, he is actually the son of Luke Skywalker.

Chances of Appearing: Even though Gleeson’s character hasn’t been the focus of too much press during this frenzied speculation period, that may be because the filmmakers are trying to keep his role a secret. If Disney and Lucasfilm really want other actors to speak up about their parts, I’d say Gleeson is one of the likelier prospects to appear on Friday.

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