Comic-Con 2015: Which Star Wars Actors May Appear?

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Unnamed role (Max Von Sydow)

What We Know: Practically nothing. Max Von Sydow is the wild card of The Force Awakens cast right now. There hasn’t been a single photo of his character leaked, but there has been a steady stream of rumors and speculation, and even some concept art.

What’s Rumored: Most sites reported early on that Sydow was a former Rebel Alliance member who now lives on Jakku either near or with Rey. He’s taken on the role of a mentor for the child, but he also has crucial information about the lightsaber that Rey comes into contact with.

Leaked concept art appears to show Sydow aged figure, along with diagrams of some cybernetic accessories that he’s now sporting.

But all of this is window dressing to the elephant in the room that came out a few months ago. According to an article from that is no longer on the site, Sydow is playing an older version of Boba Fett, who survived the Sarlaac’s stomach but was severely hurt. That’s supposedly why the character has altered his body with robotics, and it would provide an interesting dynamic if Fett is indeed looking after Han’s rumored daughter.

Chances of Appearing: This would be my No. 1 pick for who I want to see at Comic-Con, as Sydow has a great presence onstage and could give us some insight into his character. But with the intense secrecy surrounding his role, I wouldn’t bet on any more information being revealed this soon, at least not through official channels.

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