Comic-Con 2015: Which Star Wars Actors May Appear?

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Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie)

What We Know: We’ve seen so much of Captain Phasma and yet so little of Gwendoline Christie. The vaunted Chrome Trooper is an elite shock trooper in the service of the First Order who is tasked with hunting down Finn, and, as mentioned before, appears to report directly to Domhnall Gleeson’s General. She made an appearance in the second teaser trailer and some set photos, along with some concept art, but nothing has been shown of the character under the armor.

What’s Rumored: Phasma reportedly is equipped with a blaster rifle as well as a lightsaber, which would make sense considering Christie’s role as a knight on Game of Thrones. While the character is supposedly an uber-evil character, her profile in the Entertainment Weekly Star Wars feature in May appeared to hint that Phasma may not be so evil after all.

Chances of Appearing: Comic-Con would be a fantastic way for Christie to finally make a public appearance for the role outside of her chrome armor. She’s a fan favorite in the Game of Thrones community for her superb performance as Brienne of Tarth and is also one of the prominent women in the main cast of The Force Awakens. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phasma paid San Diego a visit.

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