Comic-Con 2015: Which Star Wars Actors May Appear?

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Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)

What We Know: It’s downright mystifying that we’ve seen and talked so much about Kylo Ren and yet nothing really substantive has been released from official sources about his role. The character divided fans with his unusual lightsaber but definitely won some back with a badass faceguard. Ren is a higher-up in the First Order, as evidenced by photos showing him commanding a squad of stormtroopers at a snow base, and he’s also undoubtedly Force-savvy, but the background of his character remains sketchy.

What’s Rumored: No character has been scrutinized more than Ren, most likely because he projects to be the film’s main villain. According to all the cobbled together rumors and leaks, Ren is hunting down Sith artifacts, including the remains of Darth Vader, for some nefarious purposes. He’s reportedly looking for a secret tomb that’s being guarded by Luke Skywalker, who has disappeared to watch over the sacred place.

Chances of Appearing: This is who I would bet on appearing at Comic-Con this Friday. Adam Driver is the biggest new cast member who hasn’t yet addressed his role in The Force Awakens. It’s understandable, but now’s the perfect time to juice up fan anticipation and give us a peek at the rogues’ gallery of the upcoming film.

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