Comic-Con 2015: Which Star Wars Actors May Appear?

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Han Solo (Harrison Ford)

What We Know: “Chewie, we’re home.” Harrison Ford has never been one to seek public attention, but keeping him out of the press tour for The Force Awakens only sweetened his sudden appearance at the end of the second teaser. It was an absolute rush to finally see Han back where he belongs after a nearly 40-year absence. It’s only left us clamoring to know where the smuggler stands at the beginning of this new trilogy.

What’s Rumored: Unless you’re incredibly adept at avoiding spoilers, you’re probably familiar with the rumors that Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter. She and Han are paired up early in the film along with Finn, and as mentioned before, they reportedly pay a visit to Maz Kanata on Yavin IV. But there are a lot of questions remaining.

Chances of Appearing: The only limiting factor here is whether Ford has fully recovered from his recent airplane crash and is ready to make a public appearance. Beyond that, the actor has always begrudgingly performed his press duty, but this would be a golden opportunity for Disney to finally cement their new franchise’s connection to the original trilogy. Let’s hope the Falcon can make the jump to hyperspace and arrive in time.

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