Marvel Star Wars Official Announcement: Chewbacca #1 Coming this October


Marvel Comics is taking yet another step forward with their highly successful and wildly popular Star Wars comics line, with Chewbacca#1 which is coming in October. Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Phil Noto are going to take Star Wars fans to a place we’ve not been very often, and that’s in the mind of the Wookie warrior, Chewbacca.

From the official Marvel Comics Star Wars Press Release:

"“Legendary and relentlessly loyal Wookiee warrior, Chewbacca, has continued to battle the empire in the hopes of restoring freedom to the galaxy. Through unwavering and steadfast devotion to the rebel cause Chewbacca has always stood on the frontline to bring peace to a galaxy far, far away. This October, Chewbacca, along with an unlikely side-kick, proves why he is one of the fiercest warriors among the stars in CHEWBACCA #1 from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Phil Noto.”"

Finally Chewie is no longer the sidekick! Although, I’m not really sure how I feel about that. Han and Chewie have always been my favorite duo, so it will be extremely interesting to see where this story goes, and why the two aren’t piloting the Millennium Falcon together. We know from SDCC 2015 that Han Solo rescued Chewbacca from slavery by the Empire, and that Chewie now owes Han a life-debt.

"“Known for his big heart, short temper, and booming voice, Duggan plans to get to the core of what makes Chewbacca one of the strongest warriors in the Star Wars universe.  Speaking with, Gerry Duggan says, “He’s a hero, plain and simple. He’s a giant-sized underdog. He’s faithful, fierce, and can be playful. At the beginning of the story he’s on a very important mission. One he sets aside to help those in need. By the end of this arc we’ll have met the soul of the Wookiee. We’ll understand what he fears, and we’ll know why he picked up his bowcaster. Yes, this story will be an action-packed thriller, but I think it has a very strong Wookiee heart, too.”"

And here we have our first clue as to what Chewbacca may be doing without Han. He’s on a special mission which he puts on the back burner to help those in need. Knowing that Duggan plans on giving us an origin story to why Chewie picks the bowcaster for his personal weapon, gets me very excited for this run. Also, who wouldn’t want to get a look into the soul of the Wookie?

"“Accompanying Chewbacca in this brand new series is a young and feisty co-star, Zarro, whose home comes under attack from the Empire and Duggan and Noto are excited to show how this unlikely pair take on the ruthless grip of the Empire. “Zarro’s home is under threat, and when others shrink, she stands tall,” says Duggan. “At first glance, she sees Chewie as the extra muscle she needs. The brains attached to those muscles will be a surprise for her….and I think how Chewie and Zarro manage to deal with the threat will be a fun surprise for fans. Both Phil and I are so excited to be collaborating on aStar Wars comic. The term ‘dream project’ is probably overused, but there is simply no other way to describe the gig. If fans have half as much fun as we do, then everybody’s in for a fun ride.”"

Chewie gets his own sidekick? And she’s feisty? Well, this could be a fun trip for sure. One thing that made Revenge of the Sith so good, and in my opinion the best of the Prequel Trilogy, was the inclusion of the Wookies and the battle for Kashyyyk. I’ve always wanted to know more and read/see more about the Wookies and how they decided to side with the Galactic Republic. There’s also the question of the Wookie Jedi, which we saw in Star Wars The Clone Wars animated series. I don’t know if that subject will be broached in this particular run, but if we can get a story-arc about Chewbacca, then the door really is wide open for future titles.

As covered last week by our resident comic expert, Kyle, there will be two covers:

Chewbacca #1

Chewbacca #1 Variant

I’m definitely a fan of both covers, but I think the variant is my favorite. I love the realistic facial expression and the fact that Chewie looks to be carrying parts to a ship to repair it somehow, which is exactly what he’s used to doing on the Falcon with his pal Han.

CHEWBACCA #1: Written by Gerry Duggan with Art & Cover by Phil Noto and the Variant Cover by Ariel Olivetti, goes on sale in October.

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