Disney/Lucasfilm: Star Wars Themed Amy Schumer GQ Shoot Not Approved


Disney and Lucasfilm are none too pleased with GQ Magazine, at the moment. The family-friendly image of the company is taking a hit this month, after GQ held an unapproved Star Wars themed photo-shoot with comedian Amy Schumer. For the magazine’s annual comedy issue, Schumer (whom I personally think is quite funny) was allowed to write her own cover lines for the shoot, and of course they ended-up being racy…too racy for Disney.

Obviously, the backlash from the shoot is coming mostly from parents who angrily and incorrectly thought Disney gave GQ permission to use their licensed characters in such a way, a fact that the official Star Wars Twitter handle representative felt the need to clear the air…officially.

If you go through the responses from this tweet, you can see the overwhelming amount of disgruntled Star Wars fans.

It’s not our job here at Dork Side of the Force (nor is it our desire) to pass judgement on anyone for their choices, but we would be remiss if we did not at least make a comment on the issue. If GQ did not have approval from Disney/Lucasfilm to use Star Wars characters in their photo-shoot, then GQ is in the wrong. Regardless of whether or not you find Amy Schumer’s brand of comedy entertaining, having the comedienne pose in sexually suggestive situations with characters from the family oriented and friendly Disney, is wrong, and it absolutely projects a completely opposite brand image that they are going for.

For now, neither Schumer or GQ has not responded to Star Wars or Disney/Lucasfilm, but I’m sure this topic is too hot for the magazine to ignore. If you haven’t yet seen the photos, and want to form your own opinion on the matter, you can by visiting GQ.com.

As you can see, the images are strongly suggestive. Too add fuel to the fire, Disney XD will begin a brand new LEGO animated series, which premiered on July 6, featuring C-3PO and R2 adventuring through the galaxy. This show will be targeting children specifically, so to have the possibility of the same children who will watch this show, see the same characters in post-coital repose with a female dressed like Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi, would have the potential to be quite damaging.

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