5 Post-‘ROTJ’ Revelations from the ‘Star Wars: Aftermath’ Excerpt

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The many authors, artists and contributors to the new Star Wars canon have been slowly mapping and exploring previously unknown territory throughout the universe. Already, we’ve gotten five novels, five comic series and a TV show, along with plenty more properties in the works.

But except for the brief snippets we get in The Force Awakens trailers, we’ve seen precious little of an uncharted era in the Star Wars timeline: the post-Return of the Jedi period.

That’s where Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy comes in. The series, with a first installment, Star Wars: Aftermath, due in stores Sept. 4, will be set in the period between Jedi and The Force Awakens, as the Rebel Alliance grapples with the remnants of the Empire it supposedly destroyed.

But just because the galaxy is now free doesn’t mean it’s safe. There are still plenty of individuals and factions loyal to the Empire of old, forcing the leaders of the Rebel Alliance to realize that the battle is not yet over.

This week, a brief excerpt of Wendig’s novel surfaced, marking our first official look at the state of the galaxy following the destruction of the Second Death Star. Although it only comprised a short prologue and the first chapter, it offered some clues as to what this period is like our heroes. Let’s take a look at five important things we learned from the preview.

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