5 Post-‘ROTJ’ Revelations from the ‘Star Wars: Aftermath’ Excerpt

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Lando Calrissian is Still Part of the Rebel Alliance

It’s a small detail, and not entirely unexpected, but it appears that Lando Calrissian is still involved with the Rebel Alliance and actively supporting their missions.

About midway through the excerpt, Wedge encounters two Imperial Star Destroyers and is asked to identify himself. Luckily, he’s not flying in an X-Wing but rather a disguised ship, and he has a backstory supplied by the former Cloud City chief:

"“This isn’t his realm. Talking. Lying. A scoundrel like Solo could convince a Jawa to buy a bag of sand. Wedge is a pilot. But it’s not like they didn’t plan for this. Calrissian worked on the story… … ‘Gev Hassan. Pilot number 45236. Devaronian. Yes?’ That checks out. Calrissian knows Hassan. The smuggler—sorry, ‘legitimate pilot and businessman’ did work smuggling goods to help Lando build Cloud City. And he is indeed Devaronian.”"

I wouldn’t expect Lando to leave the Alliance after playing a key role in its victory against the Empire, like Han kinda sorta did after A New Hope. It seems like he’s sticking around and lending his skills and knowledge to the effort, which definitely seems like the Lando we got to see after his betrayal on Cloud City.

But that doesn’t mean the war hasn’t changed people, as we can see in another character…

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