Star Wars: The Force Awakens Production Photo Leak Reveals ‘Bullhead’


It’s been relatively quiet in the news department, regarding Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as of late. The 2015 San Diego Comic-Con came and went with nary but a Behind the Scenes Video showing some new views of the film. In particular, a row of alien heads was shown, which are used for the creatures created for Episode VII. One of those heads looks awfully like an alien known in the concept art and production leaks as ‘Bullhead.’

According to Making Star Wars, the ‘Bullhead’ was a concept that according to their sources, never  made production. Today, Star Wars 7 News has released an actual production photo that they are claiming to be of the ‘Bullhead,’ which has in fact made the final cut.

"“This is exactly what the Bullhead character is playing in The Force Awakens. Since the character has been already revealed and the cat is out of the bag, we’ve decided to post the real photo from the set with Bullhead as an X-Wing pilot.”"

As you can see from the above picture, ‘Bullhead’ is wearing a Resistance X-Wing fighter pilot’s uniform. This photo matches up with the concept art from MSW, which shows a rough drawing of ‘Bullhead’ piloting an X-Wing.

When I first observed the concept art from MSW, I initially thought that ‘Bullhead’ was a code named for the Dug species in the prequel trilogy. The facial features alone, supported this thought, but after SW7N revealed their production photo, it seems as if ‘Bullhead’ is nothing like a Dug.

For now, it looks like ‘Bullhead’ made it into the final cut, and we may even be seeing him/her(?) alongside Poe Dameron in their X-Wings. The SW7N piece does go on to posit that the ‘Bullhead’ name was derived from a Bullhead Catfish. Seems like a viable explanation to me!

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