Carrie Fisher to Write Tell-All About Her Experiences Filming Star Wars


Carrie Fisher is a wonderful person and a respected actress, who is held in as high esteem as Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill. However, it wasn’t always so. The actress, who will be once again reprising the role of Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is writing a tell-all book about her experiences filming Star Wars: Episodes IV-VI.

Fisher began the buzz by tweeting out a photo of her diary. Notice the title “Blue Diary One.”

The actress continued the hype with two other tweets that revealed a page of writing.

As you can see, there is going to be some juicy stuff in this book, if these glimpses into her personal diary are any indication.

No Carrie, we do not think they will be too personal…I mean, we sincerely hope they are extremely personal. I can only imagine what will be said in these memoirs, but according to Xposé.iethere is some information already starting to cause a stir.

"“Carrie had several on-set bust-ups with ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas over his desire for her to wear a bra under her costume, and such stories are thought to be perfect for the new book.”"

I imagine that a “bust-up” over a bra, is just the tip of the iceberg, in regards to the juicy tidbits that a peek behind the Star Wars curtain like this, will tell us. I for one am hoping this book comes out very soon, as I want to know about the situations that no one will normally talk about. For now, there is not a release date for the book, or who will even publish it, once it’s through. Hopefully, Disney will pick it up under one of their publishing companies, and market it toward adults. I prefer my Carrie Fisher, unfiltered.

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