Myth Busters’ Adam Savage Leaks Star Wars: The Force Awakens Secret


It happens to the best of actors. One moment, they’re strolling down the red carpet, waving and smiling for the cameras, then next moment, they’re accidentally spilling the beans on a top-secret movie and most likely unintentionally breaking an NDA, in the process. This is the exact scenario that Adam Savage of Myth Busters fame, found himself in at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

As you can see, Adam starts of harmlessly with the name dropping of his good pal Phil Tippett, who just happens to be the stop-motion wizard behind some of Star Wars‘ more memorable scenes. Then Savage lets slip that Tippett was brought back into the Star Wars universe by J.J. Abrams, for The Force Awakens. Adam expounds on the fact that Tippett was brought back to recreate a sequence from the original film, A New Hope.

Suddenly the big question from the interviewer from i09 hits Adam like a surprise right cross to the jaw, and the Myth Buster is caught off guard.

“Is it the 3D chess?”

“Yes…Ohhh, maybe…yes.”

So it appears that the secret wasn’t that big of a secret after all. Way back in the beginning of filming, J.J. Abrams had some fun with the fans of Star Wars, posting a picture to Twitter, with his own stationary, in a hand-written note that talked about the Millennium Falcon being in The Force Awakens. That note was placed on the now famous “3D chess board,” or as Star Wars fans know it, Dejarik.

Still, it’s nice to get even more confirmation that J.J. Abrams is sticking to his promise of using more and more practical effects and puppets/stop motion characters for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I hope Disney and Lucasfilm go easy on Adam, this wasn’t that bad of a slip.

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