With new arcs and a new series having just begun, it seems appropriate to reflect on the..."/> With new arcs and a new series having just begun, it seems appropriate to reflect on the..."/>

Report Card for Marvel’s Star Wars Comics

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On to my personal favorite of the Star Wars comics; and with the amazing duo of Star Wars Rebels writer Simon Kinberg and artist Pepe Larraz behind it, it’s no wonder I consider it the best of the four series so far. Emotion, a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and gorgeous panels put Kanan: The Last Padawan at the top of the class with an A+. There’s just so much to love about it. I’m sad that there’s only three issues out so far (issue #4 debuts July 22nd; get it at your local comic bookstore or from Comixology). Having only three issues out means the first arc of Kanan isn’t done yet, but those three have been so good that fans (like myself) have been clamoring for more.

Kanan, of course, is one of the heroes in Star Wars Rebels. Part of his backstory as an adult was explored in A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller. This first arc of the series featuring the “cowboy Jedi” focuses on his childhood, and how he escaped Order 66… leaving his master behind to do so. In the events that follow, you can see the roots of the man he becomes in A New Dawn forming before your eyes.

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Though I wouldn’t call any of these series, except perhaps Kanan, perfect, they are all worth reading in my gradebook. Even Princess Leia, which I am most dissatisfied with as a whole series, gives some interesting insight into the fate of the Alderaanians scattered across the galaxy following their home planet’s destruction, as well as introduces a great new character and a cast that is nearly entirely female (a feat unique to Princess Leia, so far).

Now is a great time to jump into Star Wars comics, with powerhouse series like Star Wars, Darth Vader, and Kanan having warmed up, and delightful new series beginning or about to begin. Lando #1, Marvel’s latest Star Wars addition, was a fun read; and Shattered Empire, the first comic series in the era beyond Return of the Jedi (SEE ALSO: Marvel’s Star Wars: Shattered Empire Synopsis), will debut in September and give us a visual into years that only Legends have touched so far.

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