Star Wars Episode VIII: What Villainous Role Will Benicio del Toro Play?

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There are few men or women in the Star Wars universe that strike fear in the heart of the Republic Resistance fighters, more than the Grand Moffs of the Empire’s armada. Now, in the new trilogy, we have the Resistance instead of the Rebel Alliance, and in place of the Empire we have The First Order. Still though, as proven by Domhnall Gleeson’s character in TFA (General Hux), we know that there are still high ranking officers in the military aspect of The First Order.

Benicio del Toro would make an excellent and menacing General/Grand Moff in The First Order’s military structure. In fact, his menacing ways would be a great throwback to Grand Moff Tarkin, who was one of the only non-Force sensitive members of the Empirical military to fearlessly go toe to toe with Darth Vader.

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