Star Wars Episode VIII: What Villainous Role Will Benicio del Toro Play?

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As mentioned in slide one, Benicio del Toro has expertly portrayed the Collector in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, what would a Star Wars movie be without a major space pirate or gangster trying to foil the plot of the good guys? This may actually be the perfect choice for del Toror, who’s Collector is a bit of a space criminal who trades on the “black market” as it were.

With Lupita Nyong’o playing an alien who harbors space gangsters in The Force Awakens as Maz Kanata, it would not be a stretch to think that del Toro would take up the mantle of bad-guy smuggler, or pirate. Del Toro would be the perfect boss of his own band of pirates, menacing the galaxy and getting his hands all in the good guys’ business.

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