Star Wars Episode VIII: What Villainous Role Will Benicio del Toro Play?

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Let’s say for instance, that there has been a huge (pardon the pun) void left in the crime syndicate by the death of Jabba the Hutt. Then let’s say that a new figure has stepped up to rule in his place, destroying the rest of the Hutts, carving out hi own place as a new Crime Lord.

Once again, Benicio del Toro would be perfect for this role. His role as Pablo Escobar alone makes him perfect for that of the leader of a new crime syndicate. Del Toro’s bad guy personas have shown a more-than-able proclivity for being unusually cruel, greedy, and power hungry. If the Hutts have indeed fallen on hard times after Luke and friends ended Jabba’s life in Return of the Jedi, perhaps it’s time to anoint a new king of the bad guys.

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