Star Wars Episode VIII: What Villainous Role Will Benicio del Toro Play?

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Nothing says badass more than Boba Fett. And, since the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter is likely too old to roam the galaxy in his ship Slave 1, perhaps it’s time for a new badass bounty hunter to take his place. Del Toro has the rugged looks and the mean mugging it may take to be a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe.

Benicio would be perfect sporting some Mandalorian armor, or even his own fabricated bounty hunter gear. I can see his ship’s hull scared and dented from many scrapes with his quarry. The inside of his ship would have trophies of his prey, much like the inside of the Predator’s ship in Predator. Skulls and pelts, armor and weapons of his fallen prey. This could really work.

So, what are your thoughts as to what kind of villain actor Benicio del Toro could be playing in Star Wars: Episode VIII? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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