The Jedi Council: Who would you like to see in a Star Wars live-action Netflix series?

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With the recent exciting news that Disney/Lucasfilm may be seeking to produce several live-action Star Wars series’ for Netflix, our Jedi Council discusses just who or what from the Star Wars universe we would like to see in a binge-worthy Netflix show. 

David (Razor) Harris: For me, the perfect live-action Star Wars series on Netflix would be set in The Old Republic era. The only problem regarding a ToR story, is that Disney/Lucasfilm have completely obliterated what used to be Star Wars canon or even Extended Universe. However, everybody has an origin story…it’s what makes Marvel’s hero series’ thrive on both ABC and Netflix.

So, in my perfect world, I would love to see the origins both the Jedi and the Sith. We know from the old Dark Horse Comics stories, like Jedi vs Sith and Tales of the Jedi, that there is plenty of background and story to fill hours and hours of television viewing. That era of Star Wars saw each faction as George Lucas imagined them, which is akin to the ancient Samurai warriors of feudal Japan. Again, we run into the fundamental problem that this is now considered “Legends” and Dark Horse no longer produces Star Wars comics.

However, though those stories were crafted from another label, Disney and Lucasfilm still own the property, and it would be as easy as igniting a lightsaber, in order to restart and infuse those story-arcs for Netflix.

Imagine a story set on the planet Tython (origin and homeworld of the Jedi), the beginnings of the Jedi Order were taking place. Some Jedi did not believe as the vast majority did, in the tenets of their order, and so they begin to fracture and split from their brethren. This splinter group is given the name Dark or Grey Jedi, as they do not strictly follow the path of the Light Side.

These Grey Jedi leave Tython, seeking a new homeworld from which they can practice their new ways. Eventually, they come upon a world called Korriban (later renamed to Moraband), inhabited by a race of red skinned peoples called the Sith. The Grey Jedi decide to establish their new academy to learning the ways of the Dark Side of the Force, and in the process, they rename themselves — Sith.

This would be the origin from which all the hate and animosity between the Jedi and the Sith, springs. The story telling power of an origin such as this, is absolutely limitless, and if done correctly, would serve as the perfect foundation from which the new Star Wars canon is based.

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