The Jedi Council: Who would you like to see in a Star Wars live-action Netflix series?

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Joe Prescott: I recently finished Daredevil on Netflix and was blown away by the production and general awesomeness of it all. This is a great place for making exclusive shows based on current franchises and Star Wars seems perfect for this platform, and surely branching out in this way would help deliver more and more creative people to the forefront of the Saga. We have all seen the work that Marvel Studios are doing — by bringing in as many collaborators as possible — it’s possible to make something really special.

As far as an original series goes, I’d like to see some more exploration of the period between Episodes III and IV, as I’m sure most of us would. We’ve had The Clone Wars animated series taking us on adventures during this period, we’ve seen the start of the Empire and early stages of Rebellion in the Rebels series, and of course we’ve had plenty of literature and video games filling in key points in between the Episodes, and if memory serves I recall talks about a live action series that will bridge the gap between III and IV from a while back, so at least this option is still on the cards.

I mentioned in last weeks Council that I’d like to see something based on the ideas from 1313 in a new Marvel comic, so this would still be something that would make a good TV series. You have the opportunity for denser storylines and series arcs with TV shows that you don’t necessarily have with movies and a lot more space to establish characters and settings, so the show should be something that involves good strong characters that can easily be written and played with, to ensure the audience stays attentive and involved in their storylines.

It shouldn’t be hard really, the Star Wars universe has plenty to offer for these scenarios and I’m sure whoever is involved with the production of the show would throw themselves into it with aplomb. The current collective of pop culture scribes (Kinberg, Whedon, Markus & McFeely) have shown they can write dramatic, action-packed emotional movies and TV shows, so we’re not short on talent and inspiration for writing the shows, and a good story will always be the blueprint for what’s to come in a show.

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