Star Wars: The Force Awakens in IMAX Details


Vahn from Making Star Wars has reported the details of what we can expect from IMAX presentations of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Vahn received an invitation to help his local IMAX theater install The Force Awakens in the projector before the film’s release. In preparation, he was given the specifications for the presentation, which you can read below.

"The theaters that house a “true” eight story tall IMAX screen will present the film in actual 70MM film reel; presenting the 70MM shot scenes in its full screen glory."

"There will be two 70MM prints running through the IMAX projector to have the film play in IMAX 3D; rest assured it’s not the gimmick post converted 3D. It’s what IMAX was founded on, showcasing the best and most immersive 3D ever."

"The 70MM IMAX presentation will not play at the “gimmick” shrunk IMAX theaters. Those will showcase the standard Digital IMAX converted format."

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We know that scenes at a desert location (presumably Abu Dhabi) were filmed using an IMAX camera, while the rest of the movie, as far as we know, was shot on 35 MM camera reels. IMAX theaters, at least the “true” ones Vahn refers to, are working to provide the best experience possible for the entirety of the film.

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I am by no means an expert when it comes to movies shot or shown in IMAX. I have never attended an IMAX theater before, and I have no idea if I’ll try it for The Force Awakens or not. Still, for those who enjoy the most immersive movie-watching experience possible, I have no doubt it will be amazing.

Here are some comparisons between The Force Awakens on a standard, widescreen theater screen, and The Force Awakens on an IMAX screen (courtesy of Making Star Wars).

Vahn also gave us a tip for when we can expect to start preordering tickets to Episode VII.

"“Expect ‘The Force Awakens’ ticket presale around late September to mid October. I have had two theater managers relay that information to me. The release information is coming in hot! The ‘Force’ is approaching quickly.”"

To find out which IMAX theaters near you will give you the truest IMAX experience, follow this link, provided by Vahn: IMAX or LIEMAX?

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