50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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41. Han Solo Was Supposed To Be In Revenge of the Sith

After two disappointing prequel films, there was a lot riding on how Revenge of the Sith ended up playing out. Thankfully, the film was fantastic and gave us the first good Star Wars film since 1980. It also nearly featured one of the original trilogy’s most prominent characters.

One of the ideas kicked around the story room for Revenge of the Sith was that young Han Solo would appear and give some backstory to the character we don’t know that much about. Han’s tale isn’t that well known to non-book readers, and having him in Revenge of the Sith would have helped bridge the two trilogies.

It’s unclear where Han would have showed up, but it would have been a small role — possibly on Kashyyyk with the Wookies — and it sounds like the type of throwaway cameo we would have eaten up with glee.

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