50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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39. Peter Cushing Wore Slippers During A New Hope Scenes

While Alec Guinness was notoriously grumpy about being in Star Wars, another veteran actor embraced the role fully. Peter Cushing wasn’t the thespian award-winner that Guinness was, but he still had a distinguished career heading into A New Hope.

Cushing’s major roles were in the Hammer horror films of the decades past, which if you’ve seen you know that the man wasn’t afraid of embracing campiness. What he wouldn’t embrace was being uncomfortable while on set, which is why he would wear slippers all the time.

Save for the shots where his character, Grand Moff Tarkin, needed to a full body shot, Cushing would wear slippers to make sure his feet didn’t get sore. So, whenever you’re watching A New Hope and there’s a medium or close up shot, know that Cushing is wearing slippers for his own comfort.

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