50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” saga.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

37. Luke Skywalker’s Name Was Changed

Many Star Wars fans are privy to the fact that Luke Skywalker’s original name in A New Hope was Luke Starkiller, but what isn’t as widely known is that it took forever for the name to be changed.

There is some debate about just when the name was amended, but it’s believed that most of the production of A New Hope was completed before the name was changed from Starkiller to Skywalker. Some believe that it was changed before filming began, some believe that it happened after. The most common rumor is that the name was changed in one of the late drafts of the script, but no one can know for certain.

George Lucas may not be perfect, as not stating the full name of your main character is a bit of an oversight, but it’s a mistake that ended up paying off in the long run.

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