50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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36. Alec Guinness Earned Over $95 Million From A New Hope

It’s well known that Alec Guinness was not thrilled with the idea of forever being associated with Star Wars, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t greatly benefit from the success of the film.

While Sir Alec might have been grouchy about being Obi-Wan, he negotiated a salary of 2 percent of the box office return off the film’s backend. This is a deal that ended up paying Guinness upwards of $95 million throughout the course of the theatrical run Star Wars over the years.

This sort of makes you wonder why he was always so bitter about being associated with the film, as he was one of many to unexpectedly hit the jackpot with the deals they made regarding the success of the movie. Then again, he’s a thespian who didn’t care about the money and acted for the love of the craft — so what’s $95 million to a guy like that?

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