50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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32. Darth Maul’s Voice Was Changed In The Phantom Menace

One of the biggest badasses in all the galaxy was Darth Maul. He went out like a punk in The Phantom Menace, but before that he was the coolest thing about the worst Star Wars movie. He’s best remembered for being a mostly silent assassin for the Sith Order, but there was a brief scene of dialogue that ended up being immortalized by the grossly misleading trailer.

The trailer for The Phantom Menace — even today — gives off the impression that the film is good. Anyone who watched it back in the late 90s and got caught up in the hype remembers the immortal lines by Darth Maul about how the Sith will reveal themselves to the Jedi.

This wasn’t the voice of actor Ray Parks. Instead, it was British actor Peter Serafinowicz. If you’re having trouble placing that name with a face, he was the annoyed roommate in Shaun of the Dead, who also appeared in the cult series Spaced and recently had a role as a dimwitted yet charming agent in the film Spy. 

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