50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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30. The Word ‘Ewok’ Is Never Spoken In The Original Trilogy

Ewoks are such a polarizing aspect of the Star Wars saga. They’re not the scourge of the galaxy that Jar-Jar Binks is, but they represent a sharp drop off for the Star Wars saga, not to mention the beginning of the end for George Lucas.

In fact, basically nobody wanted the Ewoks to exist expect for George Lucas, and they technically don’t exit in the Star Wars canon. Obviously, they do exist because they’re a major part of Return of the Jedi, but they really only exist to George Lucas.

Ralph McQuarrie refused to draw the Ewoks in concept artwork after he found out the Lucas wanted them to essentially be teddy bears. And no one on set, including the actors and crew, took the characters seriously. The biggest nail in the Ewok coffin is that the term “Ewok” is never spoken once in any of the films.

Jar-Jar was bad, but at least he ended up being mentioned a few different times.

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