50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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28. Qui-Gon’s Comlink Is A Gillette Razor

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of making a multi-million dollar movie you need to improvise. Often times this improvisation comes as a result of not having enough money, though sometimes it’s due to not being fully prepared.

Whatever the reason was, The Phantom Menace saw some practical improvisation on set when it came to Qui-Gon’s communicator.

In a scene on Tattooine, Qui-Gon is seen talking to Obi-Wan through his ComLink. While the effect works flawlessly, in reality what Liam Neeson is taking into is a women’s Gillette razor from the late 90s. The film gets knocked for being the worst of the saga, but if this were to have happened a few years later you better believe that ComLink would be CGI’d into the film in post-production.

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