50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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Darth Vader takes charge in “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.”

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm/Walt Disney

49. Orson Welles Was Almost Cast As Darth Vader

There is a long list of actors who almost starred in Star Wars, and one of the biggest names was also one of the closest to being cast. Orson Welles is a god among filmmakers, as he’s a superb actor who doubles as a legendary and groundbreaking director. Citizen Kane is still regarded by some as the greatest movie ever made, and Wells has a long history with being associated with iconic projects.

In addition to being an actor and director, Welles is known for his booming voice. It was those vocals that George Lucas originally wanted for Darth Vader.

Lucas feared that the actor was too famous for the role, however, and there was conflict as far as Wells interest went. The role ended up going to James Earl Jones, and remains one of, if not the most recognizable roles he has ever played. Having Wells as Darth Vader would have been cool, but the legacy of that character will always and forever belong to Jones.

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