50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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22. Tie Fighter Sound Effect Is Just An Elephant And A Car

One of the most iconic sound effects in Star Wars‘ endless catalog of classics belongs to the Tie Fighter. The sound of it flying by and yawning at us is a fixture of our childhoods, and we all remember making the noise on more than one occasion when playing with toys.

But just what the hell is that sound?

As it turns out, it’s combination of an elephant and a car.

This is once again credit to Ben Burt and his Oscar-winning talents at taking sounds we hear everyday and turning them into things we forever associate with Star Wars. When you slow it down — which is the effect played after the first one in the video — you begin to hear the mashing up of the two sounds.

From slapping cables to create the blaster sound effects to the practical things that make up Darth Vader’s breathing and the hum of a lightsaber,Burt was exceptional. His Tie Fighter sound effect combo is just brilliant.

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