50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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21. The Millennium Falcon Almost Looked Way Different

We are all familiar with the Millennium Falcon and it’s place in the Star Wars lore, but one of the most iconic ships in the universe almost looked very different.

When George Lucas was making the original Star Wars in 1977, he ended up changing a lot of things that he came up with in the concept phase of development. From the way Chewbacca would look to the name of the main character in the films, Lucas wasn’t always chided for making changes to his famous films. One of the alterations he made was to the Millennium Falcon.

Originally, the Falcon was supposed to be a longer ship that was more of a cruiser than it was a pirate vessel. This concept wasn’t dropped in favor of the one that became the Millennium Falcon, rather it was just shifted around. The ship became the Blockade Runner we see at the beginning of A New Hope while the world eventually saw the final Millennium Falcon design later on in the film.

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