50 Star Wars secrets that will blow your mind

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20. All Of The Clones in Attack of the Clones Are CGI

Everyone loves to hate on The Phantom Menace for abusing CGI, but it wasn’t the worst offender of the prequel films. Attack of the Clones was one of the first Star Wars films to be entirely shot on blue screen and not on location in physical destinations.

The Phantom Menace was shot in studios with CGI, but at least they sought out practical locations in Italy for scenes at the Naboo Palace. AOTC abused CGI, but it wasn’t because of laziness. While Stanley Kubrick might not approve of the less than perfectionist method George Lucas took, the creation of the clone army was indeed a science project in real life.

All of the clone troopers seen in uniform and in battle are CGI creations. Actors were used for scenes where the clones had no helmets, but there was never any physical armor on them — it was all green screened in later in post-production. All of the action sequences were creating using CGI clones — something that makes sense but still sucks, in a way.

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